Shooting Aids

Our shooting aids will help you become a great shooter and help you overcome tough to break habits. While you should always have good shooting instruction there are some habits and problems that can be fixed quickly with a basketball shooting aid.  Our most popular basketball shooting aids are:

  • KBA Pure Shot  –  is a basketball shooting aid that forces players to control the ball with their shooting hand only. Shooting with one hand only will help shooting develop touch and follow-through which are key to shooting the basketball properly. The Pure Shot shooting aid will eliminate the use of the non-shooting hand, the hand that generally causes thumbing which causes the side-spin when shooting and not the correct backspin that you want for the perfect shot.
  • KBA Shooting Glove –  has a padded palm that forces the basketball to the proper position in the hand.  This will teach the correct fingertip release when shooting and force players to develop a good follow-through.  and the fingers are left free in shooting.

We have other off-hand or guide hand shooting aids that will stop the # shooting problem of thumbing the basketball.  These include the Basketball Shooting T  and Shooter Touch.

Basketball Shooting Aids You Will Use Forever – KBA Shooter

The KBA SHOOTER is a basketball shooting training device that puts the players shooting arm in the proper 90-degree position and will improve players shooting form.

  • Puts the player’s shooting arm in the proper 90-degree position.
  • Develops the muscle memory needed to improve the player’s form on the shot.
  • It requires the player to use more wrist action in their shot, thus improving ball rotation.
  • One size fits


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